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she made 2008 the best

elliot picks out her own clothes. by sarah.

elliot picks out her own clothes. by sarah.

Life gets better every year, and our girl played no small part in making this one the best.  we hope everyone has a happy New Year’s Eve.

Here are my favorite Elliot photos from 2008 below the jump . . .



the lineup


It’s pretty common for us to find a long line of Elliot’s toys around the house–a passtime she inherits from her Meema (who was known to do the same thing as a little girl.)

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snow, train whistles and ghosts


To get out of temperate wine country and let Elliot experience playing in the snow for the first time, we drove out to the Gateway of The Sierras, historic Truckee.  Sarah and I first visited this charming gold rush town several years back during a springtime trip to north Lake Tahoe.  We fell in love with it immediately and have wanted to return ever since–the blanket of snow it was buried in this winter was just enough impetus.  We enjoyed tromping through snow streets, marvelling at enormous icecicles, glutenous dining, sledding, building a snowman and a noisy, wintertime nightlife that included the standard saloon-town fare of jazz trios, train whistles and drunken arguments.  We also stopped in beautiful Nevada City on our way back to Sonoma.

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frosty love


Elliot had never played in the snow before, so we drove out to one of our favorite little mountain towns, Truckee, to let her experience a white post-Christmas.  As we climbed towards Donner Pass and patches of snow began to appear, she began to regularly ask to get out of the car and build a snow man.  She remained patient as we got into snow-blanketed town and checked into the historic Truckee Hotel, ate some lunch and then search the area for the perfect sledding spot.  When we finally found a suitable place, she threw herself gleefully into sledding down the hill and lovingly building her first snow man.  The smile never seemed to leave her face.  She LOVED sledding and, as you can see, she LOVED the snow man.

More of Sarah’s photos below the jump . . .


simply having a wonderful Christmas time


Elliot on Christmas morning–Thank you to Rudolph for the sleigh bell, Meema and Grandpa for the new kitchen  (keep an eye out for the cameo by the play food from Auntie Mato and Karson) and to Mimi and Pop for the race track!

Video is below and some of my ambient photos are below the jump . . .

(I wiggled with happiness when I opened my melodica!)


happy Christmas eve!


Elliot enjoyed watching The Nutcracker so much she had to start participating in it.  She’s having the time of her life this Christmas–hope you all are having a very happy Christmas eve, too . . . !

heart sonoma / short: Elliot will be a giant. Peter can be a robot.

Sarah and I love being able to walk from our home to the Sonoma Plaza, or any number of other nearby parks, with Elliot. Getting outside, walking, enjoying the beauty, all outside our front door, is priceless. Sometimes, though, we’ll hop in the car, burn some fossil fuels, and drive to Cornerstone Sonoma.  This is a place where giant trees covered in blue, plastic balls share a home with a sea of pinwheels, a conceptual mini golf course, a forest of red poles surrounding a reflecting pool, a warehouse full of found objects from the world over and a myriad landscape art installations that inspire creativity in the minds of visitors, little and big.  Elliot loves it there–especially the children’s garden which she could spend hours in. And, quite often, we’re the only ones taking advantage of this little gem of a site–sandbox, grapevines, colorful nooks, one-of-a-kind sand toys . . .  if only it were walking distance, it would be perfect!

Here’s an example:

(now I’m going to go dress up, one handful of sand at a time.)