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short: Elliot plays music. Peter is quiet.

I found Elliot playing her xylophone in the hallway.  Above is a record of her performance.  Apparently it’s a Michael Jackson song?  Sounds more like Philip Glass or Steve Reich to me . . .

(I’m glad she so carefully tuned the instrument before performing!)


Elliot throws a birthday party for Winnie the Pooh


The other day, Elliot decided it was Winnie the Pooh’s birthday and that she was going to have a party for him.  However, Winnie the Pooh was on ‘vacation’ (i.e.–we had him stored away to make room for other toys.)  So, Winnie the Pooh came back from ‘vacation’ and Elliot was so delighted she threw him a lavish tea party. She set the table using her scarves as a tablecloth, and baked a cake and cookies and made tea and set places for several friends.  I found out about this by walking past her room and her inviting me in to the party.

Some more photos below the jump . . .


Well . . . hi today! I’m a sheep.

Sarah discovered that the internal cardboard packaging of something that was shipped to us recently resembled a puppet theater, so she added her artistic flourish to it and gave Elliot a puppet show.  Elliot immediately wanted to perform her own puppet show.  Above is the result–The Three Little pigs.  Or Four.  Or two . . .

There are a couple other recent videos under the jump–Elliot in her ladybug tent and Elliot sounding out words . . .


heart sonoma: bike rides to the shop


Every weekend, I spend an afternoon at my art shop, a little studio space in our good friend Sasha’s workshop.  The shop is across town and the weather has never prevented me from being able to ride my bike there and back, past the historic General Vallejo home that was shipped around the horn and now rests in the cow-grazed fields, past Ig Vella’s cheese shop, through Sebastiani’s vineyards and into the arbored streets among historic farms.  One of my Sonoma joys–I look forward to it every week.

Some photos and a video from this weekend below the jump . . .


Elliot’s sketchpad: other people’s yards


I came home from an errand to find an Elliot original on my desk: Peter Pan fighting Captian Hook.  Here’s that masterpiece along with a couple other recent strokes of genius after the jump . . .


short: Elliot wants to make nothing. Peter wants to make a sunset movie.

The first of multiple Orcas Island videos, here’s one of the sunsets we enjoyed from the beach just below the grassy yard of the house we were staying in.  Watch for the green flash . . . !

(everyone needs a good camping stick.)

Elliot’s sketchpad: My hand is tired, so I will finish drawing the water later.


Elliot has always loved drawing and coloring.  For most of the last couple years, though, it’s really been randomly scribbling a little bit on each page of whatever book she has and then becoming interested in a new activity.  Earlier this year, Sarah and I started instructing her on drawing stick figures and faces–with our guidance, she became relatively adept, but that was about it.

However, in the last couple weeks, we’ve noticed a dramatic surge in her desire to draw, as well as her skill in doing it–we felt like it happened overnight.  She works through paper with a voracious appetite and concentrates intently on her drawings for long periods of time.  The drawings are, relatively speaking, more representational and her interest has moved beyond the visceral enjoyment of the act of drawing to the desire to create a finished picture of an actual subject.  She draws stick figures without any guidance, as well as animals, spiders, etc.  Her new favorite things to draw are ‘maps.’  She then enjoys navigating the house, following the map she just drew, which also usually involves finding and saving a baby animal.

In the picture above, she’s filling in a lake on the map with blue water (we haven’t shown her the upside-down-‘m’ technique that will save her a lot of time and carpal tunnel syndrome.)  She can even write her name, all by herself, quite well.  Though, it’s always drawn in all caps, except for the ‘i’: ELLiOT.

I’ve included some scans of recent drawings below the jump . . .