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welcome to Elliot’s garage

Elliot needed to do a little vehicle maintenance.


the anniversary. party!

Those two mugs up there are the faces of the lucky parents of the subject of this blog.  We had our anniversary recently and we spent it the way we wanted: playing the day away as the family (including a tea party Elliot threw in our honor) then going on a date—dinner and a show at Gundlach Bundschu and a cocktail at the girl and the fig.  Click through for more pictures . . .


Elliot’s Garage and Autobody Shop.

let’s dance.

Elliot’s dance skills have been improving and she’s been doing a lot of it lately.  I always seem to turn the camera on too late to miss her best moves, but this still showcases her talents . . .

Elliot comes alive.

This morning, Sarah and I were busy getting a few things done while Elliot would periodically show us a doll she’d “dressed up for the concert.”  We didn’t think much of it—Elliot playing dress up with her dolls.  Then the dolls started to line the hallway . . . and Elliot started dressing herself for the “concert.”

The next thing we knew, she was bedecked in boho rockstar garb and playing her equivelent of a one-woman-freak-folk-band.  Above is some back stage rehearsal footage from her first concert.

I want to ride my tricycle.

back to the happy place


I will admit to being a bit of a Disneyland freak. I could walk through the entire park in my mind. I could probably even ride some of the rides in my mind (though, I’m not a big enough Disneyland freak to refer to the rides as “attractions.”) Taking Elliot to Disneyland twice this year has been a blast.

This second time was made even more fun because of her two cousins. That and the strategic planning that only comes out of the minds of Disneyland freaks.

Here’s a video I put together in an attempt to capture the day, which was, of course, capped off by the vintage loveliness that is the (formerly Main Street) Electrical Parade.

click through for photos . . .