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Do you like my pumpkin?

While we are ardent Sonoma Valley boosters, we sometimes make trips to our estranged step-sister Napa (after all, it is the origin of a certain delicious Napa Valley Petite Sarah, vintage 1977.) One of the draws that pulls us to Napa is their Stanley Lane pumpkin patch, it’s towering hay bale mountain and entrancing corn stalk forest.  Presented above is a compilation of clips from a couple visits we made to Stanley Lane—one of those times with our good friends Ryan & Rachel and Max (not pictured.)

we heart sonoma: tolay fall festival

We finally fully embraced all things Autumnal last weekend and spent the afternoon at our favorite local “pumpkin patch”—The Tolay Fall Festival. I’m sure we’ll find our way to all the Sonoma pumpkin stomping grounds: The Patch, Field of Greens, Stanley Lane . . . But somehow, the Tolay Fall Festival seems to do everything right—the proof is in the short movie above.

movie night: mary poppins

About two hours in to Mary Poppins.

Daddy, could you get a snack?

On location for a client’s photo shoot yesterday.

of peanut trees.

I just discovered the bloated, water-logged remnants of the acorn Elliot picked up on our recent hike at Jack London State Park. The sound of a little voice saying, “I can’t wait to get home and plant my acorn and grow a peanut tree!” echoed through my mind.

Since when was the laundry supposed to make you cry?


We love the Sonoma Academy of Dance Arts.  Living in a cozy, charming, old home just off the plaza with an “enchanted” garden out back and wonderful light inside, it’s been the home to dance classes for Elliot (including ballet—see above) as well as host to summer camps and film festival childcare.  One of our favorite gems of Sonoma!

Jack London + Pop.

Pop came to visit for a weekend.  He told stories to Elliot, installed a new shower door for Mommy and Daddy and we spent the rest of the time playing in Sonoma.  Above is a video from our picnic and hike at Jack London State Park.  Click through for a couple photos . . .


summer in Sonoma, 2009.

We love summers in Sonoma—taking the bicycles everywhere, swimming in our pool, farmers market, ice cream, playing at the park, ice cream, farmer’s market, playing with friends, ice cream, farmer’s market and more ice cream.  Click through for more photos . . .