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in the classroom.

Sarah and I have spent more time wondering “What is Elliot doing in class right now” than anything else.  Last year, Sarah got to spend a morning in preschool with Elliot—this year, it was my turn.  Elliot greeted me at the door with a grin and a list of five activities.  She took me by the hand and led me to the first, which she quickly and adeptly finished, along with the other items on her list.  So quickly, in fact, that we moved on to many, many other activities—each done as quickly and easily as the first . . . our smart little girl . . .

I captured a few of the moments here, including an afterschool treat from Vella Cheese on our way home.

Elliot’s Candy, Chocolate & Sweets Factory

Elliot and I had a free afternoon together and she decided she wanted to build a candy store (we’d recently seen Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.)

she made 2009 the best.

Enclosed are my favorite photos we took of Elliot in 2009.  Click through for the rest . . . !


Christmas 2009: Meema + Dampa’s, Wolf Creek

Dampa’s fudge, board games galore, myriad drummers drumming, applets and cotlets and, of course, the unwrapping of many presents—Christmas in Bellevue was a lot of fun!  Though we were sad to leave, we were excited to stay at our new favorite: the Wolf Creek Inn—a historic stage coach stop which became a favorite of Mary Pickford, Jack London, Orson Welles, Clark Gable and more.  The Inn is a gem and the food is amazing.

Click through for a few more photos . . .