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beginning and end.

Her day began with an impromptu breakfast tea party and ended with a special Mommy snuggle.

Here’s some quick footage of the breakfast tea party:

the story of Shippy

Elliot has always enjoyed acting out poor, wet, orphaned animal stories as she’s being dried and dressed after her baths.  Recently, she standardized this routine by settling on one particular animal: Shippy the dog who was lost at sea and then rescued by a kindly couple who took her in and dried her up and adopted her.  The Shippy persona sometimes comes out in other situations as well.  Above is the origination story of Shippy (nee Skippy) as told by Shippy herself—it’s quite an epic adventure involving separation from a pilot owner, commandeering of an abandoned boat,  and riding a surf board to safety.

tickling the ivories

Last fall, Sarah was invited to a presentation by a local Suzuki-wielding piano teacher for parents of children at Elliot’s preschool.  Sarah was impressed by the teacher, but we weren’t sure Elliot was ready for piano.

This sentiment changed a month later when we went home for the holidays and Elliot gravitated with great interest towards the pianos at both our parents’ homes.  Seeing her wonder and delight at the twinkling black and white keys made us realize that it’s never too early to indulge a child in a passion for music.

So, returning back to Sonoma, we called up the teacher and said, “sign us up!”  As luck would have it, the teacher needed some creative work done for her piano studio business and suggested we trade services.  Before we knew it, Elliot was taking lessons and THRIVING.  She’s taken to piano like a fish to water and revels in learning and performing.  We couldn’t be prouder.  We don’t know how long this will last, but we’re enjoying every minute of it . . . !

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fun with chalkboard paint

We’ve been toying with the idea of painting a wall or some cupboards—or anything—with chalkboard paint.  It would be great for Elliot, obviously, but it would also be a fun way for us to jot down recipes or grocery lists or phone messages, etc.  This weekend, Sarah took the plunge and laid down some tarps, got out the paint and brushes, put on some grubbies and just went for it.  The result is a lot of fun—for evidence, see the photo above and more below the jump . . .


Elliot’s piano bench // “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Lightly Row,” “Naughty Cat,” “Over the Rainbow”

As we were sitting in the audience waiting for Elliot’s turn during her second recital, Sarah leaned to me and whispered, “why am I SO nervous?!” I shrugged it off and said I wasn’t nervous. Except, I was. I didn’t realize my heart was pounding in my throat until Elliot was sitting on the bench smiling out at the audience. She was SO calm—why was I on the verge of panic? Because she was in her element and I was out of mine. Elliot thrives on playing piano and is thrilled by playing for others, so she naturally loves her recitals. And the same four year old who was lazily practicing imperfect versions of her songs prior to the recital got up on that stage with grace and sat and played with agility and effervescence and nearly no mistakes. Needless to say, we left that church beaming.

Meema, Dampa, Auntie Mato & Uncle Karson visit

icekea cream.

Mongolia Scrubby vs. Uncle Scrubby

This is what happens when chocolate is eaten before bed.

my girls.

we heart Sonoma // Farmers Market time again . . .

Local produce, our favorite farmers, warm evening picnics, good friends (Kate!) and clowns . . . who could ask for more?  You could—ask for more photos . . . and you’ll get them if you click through . . . !


oh the colors!

a happy Easter

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bath time!

superhero song

I heard Elliot singing in her room and did a little spying on the superhero . . .

a living room ballet