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May trip 2010

We took to the road again to visit our family in Washington.  First up was a stay at Meema + Dampa’s in Bellevue where we got to see Meema sing in the Kirkland Choral Ensemble at the beautiful Bastyr as well as celebrate Dampa’s 60th birthday at the beach on Alki.

We finished up the trip with a stay in Federal Way at Mimi + Pop’s house during which time we went to see Lauren star in Seussical the Musical (a life-changing experience for her wide-eyed, adoring little cousin.)

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Elliot’s eyes welled up with tears and her lip trembled . . . “we’re not going to give Mommy breakfast in bed . . . ?”  This in response to me telling her we were taking Mommy to breakfast instead.  The tradition is always to have breakfast in bed.  So, before heading to the Fremont Diner with Lauren and Sasha, Elliot and I woke up early and brought toast and tea to our favorite girl.

And, of course, ice cream played into it too.

Dixon May Fair

As young children, my Sister and I considered our tiny, rural town in northern California—Dixon—to be the center of the world.  We felt especially assured of this fact every May when the glorious May Fair would descend upon our burg.

From the kickoff pancake breakfast and May Day Parade to the inexhaustible rides on motorcycles and ponies to lying in the bunk bed at night listening to the sound of live music filter in through the curtains on the warm, night breeze, we were in love with every minute of the Dixon May Fair.  I think we looked forward to it almost as much as Christmas or our birthdays.

So it was a thrill, this May, to take Elliot to the fair with my Sister and some friends—reliving childhood through the wide eyes of my daughter.

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Daisy dog

A freshly-bathed Daisy enjoys some treats provided by Elliot.

May Day!

A lot of paper, a lot of cutting, a lot of gluing and taping and a lot of fun.  Less successful with the kite, though . . .