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Dixon May Fair

As young children, my Sister and I considered our tiny, rural town in northern California—Dixon—to be the center of the world.  We felt especially assured of this fact every May when the glorious May Fair would descend upon our burg.

From the kickoff pancake breakfast and May Day Parade to the inexhaustible rides on motorcycles and ponies to lying in the bunk bed at night listening to the sound of live music filter in through the curtains on the warm, night breeze, we were in love with every minute of the Dixon May Fair.  I think we looked forward to it almost as much as Christmas or our birthdays.

So it was a thrill, this May, to take Elliot to the fair with my Sister and some friends—reliving childhood through the wide eyes of my daughter.

Click through for some more photos . . .

I was most impressed by how brave and independent she was on the rides—not a hesitation to try anything.  At one point on the elevated bridge (you can see her crossing it in the video) she was moving faster than an older, more scared kid behind her.  In fact, I think I was more scared than her on the Ferris wheel!

2 responses

  1. I love the how Elliot’s face is one big exclamation point in most of these images. I remember feeling the exact same way…

    Nice shot of the cowboys losing their hats on the giant slide. 🙂

    2010/05/20 at 12:27

  2. I saw the cowboys going up the slide and I knew I had to stick around to capture them coming back down!

    2010/05/20 at 13:36

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