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Neverland redux

When Elliot watched the video I recently made of her model Neverland, she was inspired to make a new one—this time outside!

ice cream truck

Elliot’s in business again . . .

a pretty great day

My girls treat me right on Father’s Day—bicycling, ice cream and (not shown) a 3D movie and pizza!


A few recent photos

Celebrating the last day of Elliot’s second year of Montessori.

Two of the cutest creatures. Ever.

Arguing over who gets to be which Star Wars character at Mihira’s (foreground) birthday.  I think whoever holds the light saber gets to decide.

A proud architect.

tricking Darth Vader

Footage of Elliot and her friends at a recent birthday party.

an evening walk

One of our evening walks on the bike path . . .


Waiting outside the Sonoma Community Center, which houses Elliot’s school, for Mommy to pick us up . . .

fun weekend

We just closed out a weekend which was a culmination of two major projects we were working to promote: the Heels & Wheels fashion show and the Huichica Music Festival.  Auntie Mato came up to attend both and we had a nice weekend with her including some breakfast at Artisan Bakery with Lauren & Penny.