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a new morning

As professional needs demanded, we upgraded to a new camera—a Canon Rebel T2i.  We get spectacular morning light in our home, so on our first few mornings with the camera, I couldn’t help but play experiment with it while Elliot got ready for school.  See the photos and video for the results . . . !

end of a summer, end of an era

It’s late september and that means it’s nearing the end of a summer and the end of an era. The footage in this short video—of miscellanea from September—represents the last regular usage of my Flip camera. It’s been just over a year of having that Flip virtually attached to my hand—the Year of the Flip . . .

To my Flip: you’ve served me well, oh you trusty work horse. Your “making a lot with a little” attitude and pop art sensibilities will never be matched and you’ll always be close to my heart and a part of my arsenal. It’s just that, well, now I have a new starter—you may spend more time on the bench now, but when you’re sent out to play, it will be when we really need you and you’ll have a chance to steal the spotlight!

Ice Cream in Petaluma.

Call of the Wild al fresca in the winery ruins at the Jack London State Park.

first day!

Elliot was looking forward to school all summer.  Here on the morning of her first day of her third year of preschool—she and her small group of friends will be the “older” kids in the class this year before they transition to kindergarten in the Elementary class room.

Labor Day weekend 2010

Dayglo cupcake decorating, an afternoon in the pool and an evening barbecue—I think we did it right?

punching sharks in the nose

Elliot and I have been spending a lot of time in the pool lately—as you can imagine with Elliot, imagination reigns.  Keep an eye out in the video for Elliot’s first attempts at swimming without floaties . . . !


lemonade stand


Elliot had a couple recent “Kate dates,” during on of which they made a lemonade stand.