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Elliot’s art award

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Elliot’s teacher selected her to receive an art award at a recent assembly.  We were able to attend and surprise her (along with Mimi, Pop and Dampa)—she didn’t know she was getting it until her name was called!


fun with chalkboard paint

We’ve been toying with the idea of painting a wall or some cupboards—or anything—with chalkboard paint.  It would be great for Elliot, obviously, but it would also be a fun way for us to jot down recipes or grocery lists or phone messages, etc.  This weekend, Sarah took the plunge and laid down some tarps, got out the paint and brushes, put on some grubbies and just went for it.  The result is a lot of fun—for evidence, see the photo above and more below the jump . . .


elliot’s sketchpad: wolf and parrot

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of Elliot’s drawings.  She’s started to add a lot of letters and words (all her own spelling), which we find fascinating. (click through for more)


elliot’s sketchpad: dinosaurs, robots and more


Elliot drew her first dinosaur!  Click through for a few more recent highlights from her trusty pad of paper . . .


picnic, play + art


We had beautiful weather today—a bit cold, but warm enough to enjoy being outside in the sunshine.  We did so by having a picnic dinner on the Plaza where Elliot played on the playground and we enjoyed the waning sun and long shadows before heading down the block to the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art.  This evening, there was an opening reception for members to innagurate the new exhibit featuring artwork from local school children, curated by high school interns.  The program, A.R.T.S., is a wonderful replacement for the severely lacking public school art programs.

Elliot absolutely adored all the colorful, playful, imaginative artwork created by the schoolchildren and walked around the museum happily, often giggling at the whimsical nature expressed by all the pieces.  She even broke out into some spontaneous dancing to the effervescent live piano playing.

Click through for some more photos . . .


elliot’s sketchpad: horse with a long tail

a giraffe and a horse with a long tail

a giraffe and a horse with a long tail

Elliot surprised us with a couple drawings recently.  The first was the one above, which she told us was a giraffe (we could see that) and a horse with a long tail (ok.)  This is probably the most representationally accurate drawing we’ve ever seen her do (at least, of the giraffe.)  We love it!

The second drawing was of her with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell’s fairy friends.

Elliot, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and fairy friends

Elliot, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and fairy friends

We loved the way Elliot created the glow around the fairies!  She told us that the item above Peter Pan was a “broken rock” . . . not sure what that means.  Also, note the new way Elliot has been drawing eyes: a pupil in the middle, an iris around it and then what would be the eyelids around it all.  She came up with this technique without our assistance and the drawings were totally done on her own.  She’s our little artist!

elliot’s sketchpad: don’t go to neverland


Mimi sent Elliot some post-it notes, so we’ve been finding drawings and notes posted all over the house.  Elliot tells us that the notes in the photo above are for Peter Pan, saying “Don’t go to Neverland”, “I love your heart”, “You are my friend” and “I love your heart” (again.)

Click through for these recent paintings and a couple drawings from the artist . . .