the sundry colorful tales that compose our days.


Elliot’s World

Elliot has become inseparable from the camera.  She films herself doing puzzles.  She films me reading her bedtime story.  She films a tour of the  house and all the objects in her room.

I don’t know where she gets it from . . .

She also always introduces herself to the camera—which is a must-see.

Here are the first two of what will possibly become many cunning tales from the world of Elliot.


Elliot composes

[vimeo w=590 h=330]

Not an uncommon sight around the house—Elliot loves to compose her own songs by transcribing in a string of notes as she made it up . . .

Another Morning

Another typical morning around our house—it’s hard to wake a sleeping cutie, but it’s worth the effort when they light up your home with play . . .

Here’s a couple other recent photos—the first of swinging with her friend Sophia at the Plaza playground and the second of us enjoying the weekly Shiso Sushi night at Sonoma Springs Brewery around the corner from our home.

a new morning

As professional needs demanded, we upgraded to a new camera—a Canon Rebel T2i.  We get spectacular morning light in our home, so on our first few mornings with the camera, I couldn’t help but play experiment with it while Elliot got ready for school.  See the photos and video for the results . . . !

lemonade stand


Elliot had a couple recent “Kate dates,” during on of which they made a lemonade stand.



May Day!

A lot of paper, a lot of cutting, a lot of gluing and taping and a lot of fun.  Less successful with the kite, though . . .

fun with chalkboard paint

We’ve been toying with the idea of painting a wall or some cupboards—or anything—with chalkboard paint.  It would be great for Elliot, obviously, but it would also be a fun way for us to jot down recipes or grocery lists or phone messages, etc.  This weekend, Sarah took the plunge and laid down some tarps, got out the paint and brushes, put on some grubbies and just went for it.  The result is a lot of fun—for evidence, see the photo above and more below the jump . . .