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First Bike

Our present to Elliot on her 5th birthday was a new bicycle (to replace her tricycle she was quickly outgrowing.)  However, due to a combination of busy holiday schedules and bad weather weekends, it took us until the other day to actually get it for her.  Immediately after purchasing, we took the very excited girl (she was jumping up and down with her hands in the air in the bike store) for her first bike ride—choosing the lovely Sonoma bike path as our setting.  We ran into friends, listened to frogs and enjoyed the unseasonably comfortable weather.

Just yesterday, we all went for a ride and run/walk (to keep up with the rider) to the nearby bike store to get her promised basket, bell and streamers.  She’s proving to be a strong cycler with a lot of stamina and courage—she already said she’s ready to take her training wheels off.  Of course, that will probably happen a lot slower than she expects . . .


Daddy is 33!

[vimeo w=590 h=332]

The Bears won, I played with my daughter and had dinner with my gorgeous wife at my favorite restaurant—it was a good birthday.


Elliot is 5!

Elliot’s fifth birthday was wonderful—a weekend full of friends, Mimi, princess parties, ballet, presents, cakes, toys and more fun than can fit in photos and video form . . .


A few recent photos

Celebrating the last day of Elliot’s second year of Montessori.

Two of the cutest creatures. Ever.

Arguing over who gets to be which Star Wars character at Mihira’s (foreground) birthday.  I think whoever holds the light saber gets to decide.

A proud architect.

tricking Darth Vader

Footage of Elliot and her friends at a recent birthday party.

happy birthday to Mommy

As part of Sarah’s birthday, we visited her family’s old Napa home—the same home she was brought into as a newborn.  We followed it up with some Sushi in downtown Napa and then a princess cake at home!


happy birthday to Daddy.

I spent the morning playing make believe with my daughter. I spent the afternoon riding bikes around town and playing at the Plaza with my girls. I spent the evening with saag paneer at Taste of the Himalayas. and I spent the happiest year of my life—so far—with the two most beautiful people I know.

Happy birthday to Daddy!  Click through for a few photos . . .