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Black Butte Ranch 2010

We took one of our favorite road trips to one of our favorite places to be with some of our favorite people.  There are a few videos below and be sure to click through to the rest of the entry to see a bunch of photos!

Here’s Elliot’s directorial debut—a short film about people who play tennis and the girl who films them:

Elliot gave a recital of the piano pieces she’s working on and finished it with an original, improvisational performance:


flower girl


Strange as it may sound, I thought a lot about what my sister’s wedding day would be like.  I can confidently say, she exceeded all expectations—which is what you get when one designer marries another designer and throws a d.i.y. shindig.

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to black butte and back : the video experience

Here’s a short video I put together using the footage from last weekend’s trip to Black Butte Ranch to spend the weekend with family and celebrate my grandparents’ 60th anniversary.  It also documents one of Sarah’s and my favorite drives: Sonoma to Central Oregon.

Click through for a video of the luncheon, for those who are interested . . .


to black butte and back


These volcanoes have been around for millions of years.  Elliot has been gracing our presence for three and a half.  For sixty years, my grandparents Grandmere + Poppa have been enjoying wedded bliss.  To celebrate all these things, we took another road trip—also north—but this time veering off at Mt. Shasta on old interstate 97 to central Oregon and Black Butte Ranch.

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short: Elliot has a baby rabbit. Peter has a chipmunk.

Here’s a compendium of moments from last summer’s stay in Black Butte Ranch, OR with Grandmere and Poppa.  Elliot delighted in the bike rides, the various swimming pools and simply playing outside.  But, as you can see, she had a particular passion for distributing baby animals to everyone.

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(So So the mouse loves to eat couscous while listening to Yo-Yo Ma and talking about Boutros Boutros-Ghali.)