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Orcas Island 2010

Ten days spent in island time—even if it was a “workcation,” it was one of the best weeks of our year.

Watch the video below and then click through to see more photos.

Here are a couple bonus videos—A Night at the Opera and a Day at the Races:

Lastly, here’s a video we created under the Belle Creative umbrella for the festival:


May trip 2010

We took to the road again to visit our family in Washington.  First up was a stay at Meema + Dampa’s in Bellevue where we got to see Meema sing in the Kirkland Choral Ensemble at the beautiful Bastyr as well as celebrate Dampa’s 60th birthday at the beach on Alki.

We finished up the trip with a stay in Federal Way at Mimi + Pop’s house during which time we went to see Lauren star in Seussical the Musical (a life-changing experience for her wide-eyed, adoring little cousin.)

Below are a couple videos and be sure to click through for more photos!


Christmas 2009: Winters, Mimi + Pop’s and cousins

We decided to make the trip up north for Christmas. And we decided to drive. The weather was spectacular. Despite a minor hitch (overheated car) that left us stranded on the side of the road and then exploring the village of Winters while our engine was looked over, our drive was fairly uneventful.

Our stay with Mimi and Pop was wonderfully eventful, though. What you see here is an attempt to capture

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back to the happy place


I will admit to being a bit of a Disneyland freak. I could walk through the entire park in my mind. I could probably even ride some of the rides in my mind (though, I’m not a big enough Disneyland freak to refer to the rides as “attractions.”) Taking Elliot to Disneyland twice this year has been a blast.

This second time was made even more fun because of her two cousins. That and the strategic planning that only comes out of the minds of Disneyland freaks.

Here’s a video I put together in an attempt to capture the day, which was, of course, capped off by the vintage loveliness that is the (formerly Main Street) Electrical Parade.

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camp lakewood


Growing up, my grandparents lived in a comfortable suburb of L.A.  We’d visit them for several weeks every summer, spending our time in their lush yards, the neighbor’s pool, the beach, Disneyland . . . truly a magical time for my sister and me.  When they moved to central Oregon, we found a new beautiful, fun place to spend our times together.  But we will always miss that special home, award-winning yard and helicopter-filled evenings by the firepit watching a sunset turn into sparkling stars as we roasted weenies, sang songs and told ghost stories.

This summer, Sarah, Elliot, Sarah’s parents and I were invited to join Sarah’s sister Julie’s family at her in-law’s home in Lakewood, just outside of L.A., for what they’d come to call Camp Lakewood.  It was a special treat for us that turned into a fun reminder of those long-gone childhood memories at my own grandparents’ home.

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spring trip: federal way


There are few better places to spend time than on Mimi + Pop’s back patio in nice weather.  We couldn’t have asked for nicer weather and we couldn’t have had a better time staying with Mimi + Pop. Chalk drawings, mouthwatering marina sauces, drives in the Chevy SSR while blasting Chuck Mangione, dancing lego Michael Jacksons, chromalumes, neon green espressos and lots and lots of playing filled our few days there.

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short: Elliot just walked. Peter took a picture.

The second of two videos from last summer’s visit to Orcas Island.  Cookie decorating.  Sound of Music sing-alonging. Beach playing. Yard wandering.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Except when the sun is setting . . .

(Does everyone agree it’s a pleasure to play with clean sand?)