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back to the happy place


I will admit to being a bit of a Disneyland freak. I could walk through the entire park in my mind. I could probably even ride some of the rides in my mind (though, I’m not a big enough Disneyland freak to refer to the rides as “attractions.”) Taking Elliot to Disneyland twice this year has been a blast.

This second time was made even more fun because of her two cousins. That and the strategic planning that only comes out of the minds of Disneyland freaks.

Here’s a video I put together in an attempt to capture the day, which was, of course, capped off by the vintage loveliness that is the (formerly Main Street) Electrical Parade.

click through for photos . . .


the happy place


To celebrate Sarah’s birthday, we drove down to L.A. for Elliot’s first visit to Disneyland. Though short, the trip was more fun than we could have planned.  A beautiful drive, a late night Michael Jackson dance party, Peter Pan notes, cupcakes, Donald Duck kisses, tears, pirates, laughter, pirates, fireworks, hijinx with Seth and B-List celebrity sightings at breakfast . . . we couldn’t have asked for more.