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elliot’s playlist: sandie shaw + burt bacharach “(there’s) always something there to remind me”


The other day, I was driving Elliot to preschool and Sarah’s Burt Bacharach album was playing in the car.  Elliot asked me to play her favorite song, without providing any sort of information that would help me determine which song that was.  Other than repeatedly instructing that it should be her favorite song.  Finally I went through the album track by track—”I think maybe it’s this one . . . no, not this one . . . no, not this one . . . I think maybe it’s this one . . . ” this finally ended on Sandie Shaw’s version of (There’s) Always Something There to Remind Me with Elliot beaming and saying “YAH! that one!!”

Since then, we’ve virtually had it on repeat every time we’re in the car.

Elliot’s playlist: Vampire Weekend “One (Blake’s Got A New Face)”


About this time last year, there was one album that was played nearly on repeat: Vampire Weekend’s eponymous debut. Sarah and I enjoyed the afro-pop-paul-simon-ivy-leagueistic sound of the album, but it was really Elliot who requested to listen to it over and over.  We even took her to see the band perform live at Ameoba in SF earlier this year.  Just today, she was asking about them again and she wanted to watch some of their videos. One song, in particular, really made her smile: One (Blake’s Got A New Face), which we believe was due to her having a friend named Blake.

Sarah captured Elliot exposing Baby Rose to Vampire Weekend for the first time above, I’ve included a couple of my photos below the jump . . .


Elliot’s playlist: The Jackson 5 “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause”


Elliot heard The Jackson 5’s rendition of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause the other day and was totally taken by Michael Jackson.  She asked all about him and we showed her a couple old Jackson 5 photos and videos.  Now, all she wants to listen to is The Jackson 5 Christmas Album–and she gets upset when songs that don’t prominently feature Michael’s voice come on; “I can’t hear Michael!”  By far, however, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause is her favorite, and she can often be heard singing it.

Yesterday, she was talking with one of her stuffed animals and said, “Michael Jackson is my best friend!”  “NO WAY!” was Sarah’s response from the kitchen.

(There’s only room for one Peter Pan and Neverland in Elliot’s life!)