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a pretty great day

My girls treat me right on Father’s Day—bicycling, ice cream and (not shown) a 3D movie and pizza!

every day is father’s day.


If Father’s Day means waking up to my daughter’s voice, riding with my girls on the bicycles, watching Star Wars, having delicious food and drinking an excellent beer, then it seems like every day is Father’s Day around here. Although, I guess I don’t watch Star Wars anywhere near every day.

So I guess Father’s Day means watching Star Wars.

The night before, we dined on spaghetti at Emmy’s Shack thereof.  We loved the food and really loved the free drink our bartender friend brought us. After a mouth-watering feast of a breakfast in bed the next morning, we took a long morning in the pajamas and watched Star Wars. C3P0 and R2D2 are now part of Elliot’s league of extraordinary imaginary friends. As a way to off set the couch fatigue, we refreshed ourselves with ice cream and chocolate shakes at Sunflower Caffe on the Plaza.  Then, we strapped the bicycles to the back of the car and drove over the hills and through the fields to Sebastopol’s Hopmonk Tavern.  After a big delicious beer and some big delicious garlic fries, we crossed the street and rode our bikes down the bike path of a large greenbelt between Sebastopol and Santa Rosa.

Beer, bicycles and babes. I can’t imagine a better Father’s Day. Except, of course, if you add in Star Wars.

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