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we heart Sonoma // A Dinner at Scribe

[vimeo w=590 h=330]

On a cold November evening, we were getting a cone of ice cream when we got a text from Scribe Winery vintner Andrew inviting us to dinner at their “Hacienda.” We never refuse a Scribe invitation and were quickly there eating delicious, fresh food at a hay bale table and drinking wine from jam jars and socializing with a group of Levis creatives (who later made this.)

Yes, we were very much in our element (and the type of people who bring their 5yr-old to a winery party.)


Got Gott’s?

We don’t get to eat out that often.  Which is really hard when you are foodies living in one of the epicurean capitals of the world.  However, we’re able to indulge our foodie urges occasionally.  And in spite of living in one of the epicurean capitals of the world, we often opt for guilty pleasures and old standbys.  Recently, we went to one of our favorite guilty pleasures in Napa—Gott’s Roadside (formerly Taylor’s Automatic Refresher.)  Yes, we liked the old name much better, too, but a rose is a rose and their burgers are still delicious (even the vegetarian ones.)  We also nabbed a cookie from Kara’s Cupcakes bakery just around the corner . . .