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we heart Sonoma’s Fourth of July

One of our favorite days of the year in Sonoma is the Fourth of July.  This year was one of the best: started off with a pre-parade breakfast at our friends off-the-Plaza apartment as we watched people toting lawn chairs and wearing red, white & blue stream by; enjoyed the hometown parade; swam and barbecued (Karson’s a grilling genius); rode bikes everywhere; partied with some of Elliot’s school friends (and their parents) and watched the best fireworks show this side of the Mississippi.

Here’s another video we released under Belle Creative celebrating Sonoma’s parade and Fourth of July festivities:

we heart Sonoma: Fourth of July


Even after eight years, the novelty of a Sonoma Fourth of July is as shiny and crisp as a the vintage red firetrucks in the parade.   We love: the buzz of people walking by with lawn chairs in hand on hot summer mornings, schizophrenic hometown bands, barbecue smoke encircling historic buildings, bicycles with streamers, recognizing nearly everyone in the parade, building up an appetite in the pool for grilled food, front yard firecrackers, glowing parties circling Vallejo’s field, blankets and bottle openers and glow necklaces in a dusky meadow and a fireworks show to use up a year’s worth of oohs and ahhs.

an “old timey” take on the parade:

(for a more surrealistic version of the video, go here)

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