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Elliot’s World // forest animals + park adventures

Elliot introduces us to the forest animals that populate her world and she regales us with a convoluted tale from the wilds of the playground . . .

Elliot’s World

Elliot has become inseparable from the camera.  She films herself doing puzzles.  She films me reading her bedtime story.  She films a tour of the  house and all the objects in her room.

I don’t know where she gets it from . . .

She also always introduces herself to the camera—which is a must-see.

Here are the first two of what will possibly become many cunning tales from the world of Elliot.

Elliot’s directorial debut

Recently, Elliot’s been taking a great interest in walking around our home with the old Flip camera shooting videos—”So . . . this is my room . . . and here’s my pillow . . . and this is my stuffed Toto . . . now I’m going to show you my fort . . . ” etc, etc.  She’s also taking photos using our iphone.  I don’t know where she learned this behavior . . .

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to have Elliot make her first “movie”—and she was thrilled with the idea!  So, she and I sat down and she told me the story of the movie which I broke down into scenes.  Then she decided which toys would play the various parts and where the scenes would take place—using her toys and blocks for set pieces.  Then she acted out each scene as I filmed—she learned to say, “Camera?” (“ready”) and “Action” before each scene.  Then we uploaded the footage and sat down in front of the computer and edited the movie together.  “We don’t want to keep that part, Daddy,” and, “Let’s have it start after I say ‘action!'”

Above is the resulting movie.  And below are some of her iphone photos!


Elliot composes

[vimeo w=590 h=330]

Not an uncommon sight around the house—Elliot loves to compose her own songs by transcribing in a string of notes as she made it up . . .

Another Morning

Another typical morning around our house—it’s hard to wake a sleeping cutie, but it’s worth the effort when they light up your home with play . . .

Here’s a couple other recent photos—the first of swinging with her friend Sophia at the Plaza playground and the second of us enjoying the weekly Shiso Sushi night at Sonoma Springs Brewery around the corner from our home.


Elliot and I love making pulleys using jump ropes and the backs of two chairs. We send stuff to each other. You know, like tooth paste and legos.

Girls dance

We play a lot of music in our home. Sometimes Elliot strikes up some improv dance—and I managed to catch it on film this time.
“Broken Dreams Club”
by Girls

Another dancing Kate date!

When Kate and Elliot get together, they often find a reason to dance—this time it was dancing along to The Nutcracker.

Daddy is 33!

[vimeo w=590 h=332]

The Bears won, I played with my daughter and had dinner with my gorgeous wife at my favorite restaurant—it was a good birthday.


Elliot is 5!

Elliot’s fifth birthday was wonderful—a weekend full of friends, Mimi, princess parties, ballet, presents, cakes, toys and more fun than can fit in photos and video form . . .

one to forty

Elliot casually counts from one to forty.

Kate Date

Another Kate date—this one replete with gingerbread cookie-making and French musical-watching/reenacting!

and still the pool goes on . . .

It’s already October and we are still enjoying the pool!  So we brought the new camera back . . .

a new morning

As professional needs demanded, we upgraded to a new camera—a Canon Rebel T2i.  We get spectacular morning light in our home, so on our first few mornings with the camera, I couldn’t help but play experiment with it while Elliot got ready for school.  See the photos and video for the results . . . !

end of a summer, end of an era

It’s late september and that means it’s nearing the end of a summer and the end of an era. The footage in this short video—of miscellanea from September—represents the last regular usage of my Flip camera. It’s been just over a year of having that Flip virtually attached to my hand—the Year of the Flip . . .

To my Flip: you’ve served me well, oh you trusty work horse. Your “making a lot with a little” attitude and pop art sensibilities will never be matched and you’ll always be close to my heart and a part of my arsenal. It’s just that, well, now I have a new starter—you may spend more time on the bench now, but when you’re sent out to play, it will be when we really need you and you’ll have a chance to steal the spotlight!

Ice Cream in Petaluma.

Call of the Wild al fresca in the winery ruins at the Jack London State Park.

first day!

Elliot was looking forward to school all summer.  Here on the morning of her first day of her third year of preschool—she and her small group of friends will be the “older” kids in the class this year before they transition to kindergarten in the Elementary class room.

Labor Day weekend 2010

Dayglo cupcake decorating, an afternoon in the pool and an evening barbecue—I think we did it right?

punching sharks in the nose

Elliot and I have been spending a lot of time in the pool lately—as you can imagine with Elliot, imagination reigns.  Keep an eye out in the video for Elliot’s first attempts at swimming without floaties . . . !


wishing we were all in Solla Sollew

Ever since Elliot saw Lauren star in Seussical, she’s been obsessed with the songs from the musical. She has a CD of the music which she listens to on her own CD player in her room—usually with the door closed. She’s memorized every song and we can hear her singing along. I’ve tried many times to capture it, but this is the closest I’ve gotten (as you can see, she stops singing once she becomes aware of the camera.) Her favorite is Solla Sollew, and you can see how wistful she gets as she sings along . . .

a new room for a growing girl

It seems like Elliot is getting older and older every day.  It was about time we upgraded from her old convertible crib bed.  Sarah found a used bed frame on Craigslist and we got some affordable Ikea bookshelves and Sarah did a big rearrange and the next thing we knew, Elliot had a “new” room!

Click through for a few more photos


Neverland redux

When Elliot watched the video I recently made of her model Neverland, she was inspired to make a new one—this time outside!

ice cream truck

Elliot’s in business again . . .


A few recent photos

Celebrating the last day of Elliot’s second year of Montessori.

Two of the cutest creatures. Ever.

Arguing over who gets to be which Star Wars character at Mihira’s (foreground) birthday.  I think whoever holds the light saber gets to decide.

A proud architect.

Daisy dog

A freshly-bathed Daisy enjoys some treats provided by Elliot.