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Elliot’s World

Elliot has become inseparable from the camera.  She films herself doing puzzles.  She films me reading her bedtime story.  She films a tour of the  house and all the objects in her room.

I don’t know where she gets it from . . .

She also always introduces herself to the camera—which is a must-see.

Here are the first two of what will possibly become many cunning tales from the world of Elliot.


Elliot is 5!

Elliot’s fifth birthday was wonderful—a weekend full of friends, Mimi, princess parties, ballet, presents, cakes, toys and more fun than can fit in photos and video form . . .

my girls.

legos, blocks and dress up

Naturally, Elliot’s originality in her play time stuns her own parents.  Enough so that we share it here!

Click through for the rest of the gallery [note: everything in here is 100% Elliot, unless otherwise noted] . . .


Happy birthday to Elliot

Balloons and presents. Trains and goats. Friends and cake. Sweetness and chaos. All items a four-year-old’s birthday should have. Click through for photos . . .


Peter Pan writes back


After the last post about Elliot’s notes to Peter Pan, our friend Marisa suggested we ghostwrite a note from Peter Pan to Elliot.  We left it on the door where her notes were–she found it later in the morning.  As we read it to her, a smile lifted the corners of her mouth, the eyes widened and before long she was running to tell Mommy and jumping up and down.  I captured as much as I could on the iPhone, but the lighting was less than ideal and the girl in question was moving so quickly.

Click through for the rest . . .


a morning with Jack and Charlie


We invited Elliot’s good friend from school Jack (4) and his brother Charlie (2) over to play this morning.  Elliot was so excited they were coming and waited patiently by the front window to watch for them.  After they arrived, with their mother (our friend–and fellow designerKendra), our cozy little condo was filled with the delightful sounds of screaming, running, laughing, little voices.  We think they played with every single toy at least once and Miette several times.  Miette voiced some complaints, yet never attempted escape!

Click through for some more photos of the morning . . .