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Another dancing Kate date!

When Kate and Elliot get together, they often find a reason to dance—this time it was dancing along to The Nutcracker.

elliot’s sketchpad: wolf and parrot

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of Elliot’s drawings.  She’s started to add a lot of letters and words (all her own spelling), which we find fascinating. (click through for more)


elliot’s sketchpad: dinosaurs, robots and more


Elliot drew her first dinosaur!  Click through for a few more recent highlights from her trusty pad of paper . . .


elliot’s sketchpad: horse with a long tail

a giraffe and a horse with a long tail

a giraffe and a horse with a long tail

Elliot surprised us with a couple drawings recently.  The first was the one above, which she told us was a giraffe (we could see that) and a horse with a long tail (ok.)  This is probably the most representationally accurate drawing we’ve ever seen her do (at least, of the giraffe.)  We love it!

The second drawing was of her with Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and Tinkerbell’s fairy friends.

Elliot, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and fairy friends

Elliot, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell and fairy friends

We loved the way Elliot created the glow around the fairies!  She told us that the item above Peter Pan was a “broken rock” . . . not sure what that means.  Also, note the new way Elliot has been drawing eyes: a pupil in the middle, an iris around it and then what would be the eyelids around it all.  She came up with this technique without our assistance and the drawings were totally done on her own.  She’s our little artist!

elliot’s sketchpad: don’t go to neverland


Mimi sent Elliot some post-it notes, so we’ve been finding drawings and notes posted all over the house.  Elliot tells us that the notes in the photo above are for Peter Pan, saying “Don’t go to Neverland”, “I love your heart”, “You are my friend” and “I love your heart” (again.)

Click through for these recent paintings and a couple drawings from the artist . . .


Elliot’s sketchpad: other people’s yards


I came home from an errand to find an Elliot original on my desk: Peter Pan fighting Captian Hook.  Here’s that masterpiece along with a couple other recent strokes of genius after the jump . . .


Elliot’s sketchpad: My hand is tired, so I will finish drawing the water later.


Elliot has always loved drawing and coloring.  For most of the last couple years, though, it’s really been randomly scribbling a little bit on each page of whatever book she has and then becoming interested in a new activity.  Earlier this year, Sarah and I started instructing her on drawing stick figures and faces–with our guidance, she became relatively adept, but that was about it.

However, in the last couple weeks, we’ve noticed a dramatic surge in her desire to draw, as well as her skill in doing it–we felt like it happened overnight.  She works through paper with a voracious appetite and concentrates intently on her drawings for long periods of time.  The drawings are, relatively speaking, more representational and her interest has moved beyond the visceral enjoyment of the act of drawing to the desire to create a finished picture of an actual subject.  She draws stick figures without any guidance, as well as animals, spiders, etc.  Her new favorite things to draw are ‘maps.’  She then enjoys navigating the house, following the map she just drew, which also usually involves finding and saving a baby animal.

In the picture above, she’s filling in a lake on the map with blue water (we haven’t shown her the upside-down-‘m’ technique that will save her a lot of time and carpal tunnel syndrome.)  She can even write her name, all by herself, quite well.  Though, it’s always drawn in all caps, except for the ‘i’: ELLiOT.

I’ve included some scans of recent drawings below the jump . . .


a lucky mommy

081211 elliot mommy 1

Elliot displayed some extra-special affection to Sarah tonight.  it didn’t start off well.  it began with Elliot removing the pillow from under Sarah’s head and putting it at her feet.  “Hey, that’s not very comfortable,” cried the patient.  “Well, I was just switching the pillows,” responded the caretaker as she tried to squeeze the other pillow under Sarah’s head.  It improved from there, moving on to running little fingers through Mommy’s hair and pressing soft, round cheeks against Mommy’s face and wrapping short arms around shoulders and carressing Mommy’s face and saying, “aw!”

the lucky Mommy enjoyed this long enough for me to snap some pictures.  This all lead in well to a tucking in routine of Mommy and Daddy duets.  and now there are two sleeping girls . . .

(did you know that being poked in the eye by a three-year-old is surprisingly tolerable?)

“hi, I’m a snowman”

xmas tree elliot 2

we walked next door to the tree lot that’s on the other side of our fence to pick out a tree last weekend.  the lot must’ve held some mysterious allure for Elliot as its festive string lights, pine fresh scents and occasional buzzsaw roar have been easing their way into our life over the last couple weeks.  she entered the lot with glee and immediately weaved her way among the myriad firs in delight.  at least one of us was always following her closely–most often by the sound of her bubbling laughter.  when she found the area set aside for the small ‘table top’ trees (just her height), she expressed her affection for each one with a hug and a kiss.

though she had difficulty actually hanging ornaments on the branches–evidenced by the oft-repeated statement, “here, this one will rest on top of the branch”–she found several other ways to help and relished being part of it.  for a while, she ferried ornaments from the larger table to the small stool next to me, which saved me the trips!  highlights also included hot chocolate, muppets singing, a fire in the fireplace and a string of lights she adopted as a pet.

a favorite activity of hers, now, is to stand at the tree and talk to the ornaments or have them interact with each other.  she has a few favorites that she makes sure to call upon each time she visits the tree.  to the train: “chugga chugga, choo choo,” in a low voice to the snowman: “hi, i’m a snowman,” in a silly voice to a pink, felt pig, “hi, i’m a pig!”  every morning, she counts to three and the lights on the tree magically turn on.  at night she brushes her teeth in the dimmed living room, keeping an eye on the tree.

(just noticed poor Bosley’s view of the tree was a bit obscured)

silver bells . . .

xmas sf 08 peter sarah elliot macys

this weekend, we took Elliot to see a production of Peter Pan by a children’s theater in Fort Mason with Mary & Karson.  Elliot loved it, but did spend a large amount of time covering her ears and burying her face in our shoulders due to the constant threat of a Captain Hook appearance.  Later, we went down to Union Square to see the ice skaters, tree, lights and window displays . . . and have a bit of chocolate.

Enjoy Auntie Mato’s pictures from the evening (thank you Mary)

(not shown in the photos: after carrying Elliot on my shoulders, I had to take off my shirt and rub my shoulders in the middle of the sidewalk)