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Orcas Island 2010

Ten days spent in island time—even if it was a “workcation,” it was one of the best weeks of our year.

Watch the video below and then click through to see more photos.

Here are a couple bonus videos—A Night at the Opera and a Day at the Races:

Lastly, here’s a video we created under the Belle Creative umbrella for the festival:



Black Butte Ranch 2010

We took one of our favorite road trips to one of our favorite places to be with some of our favorite people.  There are a few videos below and be sure to click through to the rest of the entry to see a bunch of photos!

Here’s Elliot’s directorial debut—a short film about people who play tennis and the girl who films them:

Elliot gave a recital of the piano pieces she’s working on and finished it with an original, improvisational performance:


May trip 2010

We took to the road again to visit our family in Washington.  First up was a stay at Meema + Dampa’s in Bellevue where we got to see Meema sing in the Kirkland Choral Ensemble at the beautiful Bastyr as well as celebrate Dampa’s 60th birthday at the beach on Alki.

We finished up the trip with a stay in Federal Way at Mimi + Pop’s house during which time we went to see Lauren star in Seussical the Musical (a life-changing experience for her wide-eyed, adoring little cousin.)

Below are a couple videos and be sure to click through for more photos!


Dixon, CA

back at the old house again.

I spent my early childhood in a small farming town in the middle of California flat lands.  I loved it—the tight-knit community, the agricultural lifestyle, potlucks, parades, little league, etc.  After moving across the continent and then north and finally back again full circle to northern California, it’s a surreal experience to visit this place that looms so large in my nostalgia.  On our way to pick up Mommy from the Sacramento airport, we stopped by the old stomping grounds and Elliot patiently took the tour . . .

"that's where you lived?"

the same cracked sidewalk I rode my tricycle on.

the main drag.

I often wonder what it would've been like to have never left.


kindergarten through second grade here . . .

I still remember standing in that grass on the first day of school.

Christmas 2009: Meema + Dampa’s, Wolf Creek

Dampa’s fudge, board games galore, myriad drummers drumming, applets and cotlets and, of course, the unwrapping of many presents—Christmas in Bellevue was a lot of fun!  Though we were sad to leave, we were excited to stay at our new favorite: the Wolf Creek Inn—a historic stage coach stop which became a favorite of Mary Pickford, Jack London, Orson Welles, Clark Gable and more.  The Inn is a gem and the food is amazing.

Click through for a few more photos . . .


Christmas 2009: Winters, Mimi + Pop’s and cousins

We decided to make the trip up north for Christmas. And we decided to drive. The weather was spectacular. Despite a minor hitch (overheated car) that left us stranded on the side of the road and then exploring the village of Winters while our engine was looked over, our drive was fairly uneventful.

Our stay with Mimi and Pop was wonderfully eventful, though. What you see here is an attempt to capture

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flower girl


Strange as it may sound, I thought a lot about what my sister’s wedding day would be like.  I can confidently say, she exceeded all expectations—which is what you get when one designer marries another designer and throws a d.i.y. shindig.

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