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we heart Sonoma: Fourth of July


Even after eight years, the novelty of a Sonoma Fourth of July is as shiny and crisp as a the vintage red firetrucks in the parade.   We love: the buzz of people walking by with lawn chairs in hand on hot summer mornings, schizophrenic hometown bands, barbecue smoke encircling historic buildings, bicycles with streamers, recognizing nearly everyone in the parade, building up an appetite in the pool for grilled food, front yard firecrackers, glowing parties circling Vallejo’s field, blankets and bottle openers and glow necklaces in a dusky meadow and a fireworks show to use up a year’s worth of oohs and ahhs.

an “old timey” take on the parade:

(for a more surrealistic version of the video, go here)

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every day is father’s day.


If Father’s Day means waking up to my daughter’s voice, riding with my girls on the bicycles, watching Star Wars, having delicious food and drinking an excellent beer, then it seems like every day is Father’s Day around here. Although, I guess I don’t watch Star Wars anywhere near every day.

So I guess Father’s Day means watching Star Wars.

The night before, we dined on spaghetti at Emmy’s Shack thereof.  We loved the food and really loved the free drink our bartender friend brought us. After a mouth-watering feast of a breakfast in bed the next morning, we took a long morning in the pajamas and watched Star Wars. C3P0 and R2D2 are now part of Elliot’s league of extraordinary imaginary friends. As a way to off set the couch fatigue, we refreshed ourselves with ice cream and chocolate shakes at Sunflower Caffe on the Plaza.  Then, we strapped the bicycles to the back of the car and drove over the hills and through the fields to Sebastopol’s Hopmonk Tavern.  After a big delicious beer and some big delicious garlic fries, we crossed the street and rode our bikes down the bike path of a large greenbelt between Sebastopol and Santa Rosa.

Beer, bicycles and babes. I can’t imagine a better Father’s Day. Except, of course, if you add in Star Wars.

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elliot’s songbook: turtles + seahorses

[make sure your volume’s turned up!]

It’s not uncommon to find Elliot singing an improvised song. The other night, she was doing just that for Sarah while Sarah was tucking her in. I happened to have the iPhone and turned on the voice recorder to capture the pure magic.