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Elliot is 5!

Elliot’s fifth birthday was wonderful—a weekend full of friends, Mimi, princess parties, ballet, presents, cakes, toys and more fun than can fit in photos and video form . . .

first day!

Elliot was looking forward to school all summer.  Here on the morning of her first day of her third year of preschool—she and her small group of friends will be the “older” kids in the class this year before they transition to kindergarten in the Elementary class room.

we heart Sonoma’s Fourth of July

One of our favorite days of the year in Sonoma is the Fourth of July.  This year was one of the best: started off with a pre-parade breakfast at our friends off-the-Plaza apartment as we watched people toting lawn chairs and wearing red, white & blue stream by; enjoyed the hometown parade; swam and barbecued (Karson’s a grilling genius); rode bikes everywhere; partied with some of Elliot’s school friends (and their parents) and watched the best fireworks show this side of the Mississippi.

Here’s another video we released under Belle Creative celebrating Sonoma’s parade and Fourth of July festivities:

tricking Darth Vader

Footage of Elliot and her friends at a recent birthday party.


Waiting outside the Sonoma Community Center, which houses Elliot’s school, for Mommy to pick us up . . .

in the classroom.

Sarah and I have spent more time wondering “What is Elliot doing in class right now” than anything else.  Last year, Sarah got to spend a morning in preschool with Elliot—this year, it was my turn.  Elliot greeted me at the door with a grin and a list of five activities.  She took me by the hand and led me to the first, which she quickly and adeptly finished, along with the other items on her list.  So quickly, in fact, that we moved on to many, many other activities—each done as quickly and easily as the first . . . our smart little girl . . .

I captured a few of the moments here, including an afterschool treat from Vella Cheese on our way home.

back to school


Elliot was delighted to start preschool again the week we returned from the wedding.  Evidence is above from the morning we left for her first day back.