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Orcas Island 2010

Ten days spent in island time—even if it was a “workcation,” it was one of the best weeks of our year.

Watch the video below and then click through to see more photos.

Here are a couple bonus videos—A Night at the Opera and a Day at the Races:

Lastly, here’s a video we created under the Belle Creative umbrella for the festival:


short: Elliot just walked. Peter took a picture.

The second of two videos from last summer’s visit to Orcas Island.  Cookie decorating.  Sound of Music sing-alonging. Beach playing. Yard wandering.  It doesn’t get any better than this.  Except when the sun is setting . . .

(Does everyone agree it’s a pleasure to play with clean sand?)

short: Elliot wants to make nothing. Peter wants to make a sunset movie.

The first of multiple Orcas Island videos, here’s one of the sunsets we enjoyed from the beach just below the grassy yard of the house we were staying in.  Watch for the green flash . . . !

(everyone needs a good camping stick.)