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Kate Date

Another Kate date—this one replete with gingerbread cookie-making and French musical-watching/reenacting!

Recital, diner

A rainy Sunday, a piano recital and a diner dinner.

Got Gott’s?

We don’t get to eat out that often.  Which is really hard when you are foodies living in one of the epicurean capitals of the world.  However, we’re able to indulge our foodie urges occasionally.  And in spite of living in one of the epicurean capitals of the world, we often opt for guilty pleasures and old standbys.  Recently, we went to one of our favorite guilty pleasures in Napa—Gott’s Roadside (formerly Taylor’s Automatic Refresher.)  Yes, we liked the old name much better, too, but a rose is a rose and their burgers are still delicious (even the vegetarian ones.)  We also nabbed a cookie from Kara’s Cupcakes bakery just around the corner . . .

Bobby & Mary

Sarah met Bobby on her first day at USF.  They’ve been best friends ever since (or “Tacos” as they call each other.)  Peter met Bobby on his first day living in SF.  They were friends immediately and have been so ever since.

We love Bobby’s genuine friendliness, intelligent humor, creative positivity and musical talents (he’s a world-famous rock star, you know . . . )  He was a groomsman in our wedding and has been there over the years, even when he was living all the way in Minneapolis.  We were delighted when he and his girlfriend Mary moved back to San Francisco (in our old ‘hood, nonetheless.)  They rented a zipcar and drove up to Sonoma to visit us recently.  We took them wine tasting (Scribe, of course) and then to the Plaza for a wine country picnic dinner.  We look forward to more visits with Bobby and Mary now that they’re close again!

harvest festival

As the first official sign that summer is ending (the weather certainly isn’t showing signs) came in the form of the Sonoma Community Garden harvest festival—kids swarming the haybale house, hobo music in the Fig Forest, local brews in jam jars, pie contests, harvest produce.  Makes us almost willing to say goodbye to summer!


Friday afternoon in the park

On Fridays, Elliot has the afternoons off, which we spend at the Plaza playground before going grocery shopping.


and still the pool goes on . . .

It’s already October and we are still enjoying the pool!  So we brought the new camera back . . .