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Got Gott’s?

We don’t get to eat out that often.  Which is really hard when you are foodies living in one of the epicurean capitals of the world.  However, we’re able to indulge our foodie urges occasionally.  And in spite of living in one of the epicurean capitals of the world, we often opt for guilty pleasures and old standbys.  Recently, we went to one of our favorite guilty pleasures in Napa—Gott’s Roadside (formerly Taylor’s Automatic Refresher.)  Yes, we liked the old name much better, too, but a rose is a rose and their burgers are still delicious (even the vegetarian ones.)  We also nabbed a cookie from Kara’s Cupcakes bakery just around the corner . . .

happy birthday to Mommy

As part of Sarah’s birthday, we visited her family’s old Napa home—the same home she was brought into as a newborn.  We followed it up with some Sushi in downtown Napa and then a princess cake at home!