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Labor Day weekend 2010

Dayglo cupcake decorating, an afternoon in the pool and an evening barbecue—I think we did it right?

we heart Sonoma // playing at the Hacienda

We went and visited some new friends at their rad new winery—Scribe—for a mid-summer dinner of wood-fire baked pizza and pinot out of jam jars.  Elliot loved playing and exploring around the historic Hacienda.


Valentine’s was a simple day.  Lazy morning. Heart pancakes and canned bubbly. an afternoon at Cornerstone Gardens.  all topped off with a valentine concert in the city.

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thank you world.

We spent a happy, cozy Thanksgiving watching the parade, watching football, watching the oven and—finally—having dinner with Auntie Mato & Uncle Karson.  Click through for photos . . .


opposite day.


we pronounced today ‘opposite day’ and decided to have breakfast for dinner.  Elliot and Sarah made a ‘griddle cakes’ batter from a recipe in one of Elliot’s library books and then we used our new waffle iron to cook up the batter.  Elliot loved the process, the new giraffe measuring spoons and the final product (which was delicious.)

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short: Elliot bakes cookies. Peter takes pictures.

Jake and Lauren’s wonderful cookie video inspired us–Elliot wanted to show them how she makes cookies.

(for breakfast, I’m going to have a scrambled chicken egg who a chicken laid.)