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movie night: mary poppins

About two hours in to Mary Poppins.

a weekend in the city


Sarah and I lived in the city for years before moving to the rural oasis of Sonoma.  We still try and get our city fix as often as possible, and we love exposing Elliot to the associated culture.  With Mary and Karson living in the city, it’s often quite easy.  However, it was made much easier for us, recently, when our sister-in-law-in-law gave us a gift certificate for two nights in a suite at the Prescott off Union Square as a thanks for helping her create a web site.

We packed up our many bags and potty training seat and stuffed animals and made the quick drive through vineyards, past Marin and over the Golden Gate.  Elliot was giddy with excitement as we entered our hotel room, and we were pretty excited, too.  We were excited to feel like a guests in what we consider one of our ‘home towns.’  As Friday nights are often our movie night, we decided not to postpone the tradition.  We ate popcorn, peanut butter sandwiches and watched 101 Dalmations in the comfort of our suite’s living room.

The rest of the weekend included complimentary continental breakfasts in a Wolfgang Puck restaurant, eating at a favorite restaurant The Citrus Club, walking through the Conservatory of Flowers, enjoying jasmine tea in the Japanese Tea Garden, spending time with Mary & Karson, riding buses and visiting MOMA.

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movie night: kiki’s delivery service


At the end of every week, we have the joy of saying to Elliot, “Elliot, today’s Friday…”  The eyes widen, the grin spreads, the face beams.  “MOVIE NIGHT!!” she says.