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thank you world.

We spent a happy, cozy Thanksgiving watching the parade, watching football, watching the oven and—finally—having dinner with Auntie Mato & Uncle Karson.  Click through for photos . . .


elliot’s sketchpad: wolf and parrot

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of Elliot’s drawings.  She’s started to add a lot of letters and words (all her own spelling), which we find fascinating. (click through for more)


lunch bunch!

A freshly-turned four-year-old heads off to her first day as part of the “lunch bunch.”

happy birthday to Daddy.

I spent the morning playing make believe with my daughter. I spent the afternoon riding bikes around town and playing at the Plaza with my girls. I spent the evening with saag paneer at Taste of the Himalayas. and I spent the happiest year of my life—so far—with the two most beautiful people I know.

Happy birthday to Daddy!  Click through for a few photos . . .


Happy birthday to Elliot

Balloons and presents. Trains and goats. Friends and cake. Sweetness and chaos. All items a four-year-old’s birthday should have. Click through for photos . . .


Happy Halloween to the whole wide world.

It’s over a week late, but here’s a motion snapshot of our Sonoma Halloween.  To see some still snapshots, click through . . .