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Happy Christmas

I’m behind on getting photos/videos/posts up, but am working on them . . . in the meantime, I put this together quickly for a short Christmas posting!  Happy Christmas everyone!


Another dancing Kate date!

When Kate and Elliot get together, they often find a reason to dance—this time it was dancing along to The Nutcracker.

Christmas 2009: Meema + Dampa’s, Wolf Creek

Dampa’s fudge, board games galore, myriad drummers drumming, applets and cotlets and, of course, the unwrapping of many presents—Christmas in Bellevue was a lot of fun!  Though we were sad to leave, we were excited to stay at our new favorite: the Wolf Creek Inn—a historic stage coach stop which became a favorite of Mary Pickford, Jack London, Orson Welles, Clark Gable and more.  The Inn is a gem and the food is amazing.

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Christmas 2009: Winters, Mimi + Pop’s and cousins

We decided to make the trip up north for Christmas. And we decided to drive. The weather was spectacular. Despite a minor hitch (overheated car) that left us stranded on the side of the road and then exploring the village of Winters while our engine was looked over, our drive was fairly uneventful.

Our stay with Mimi and Pop was wonderfully eventful, though. What you see here is an attempt to capture

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Jingle bells.

Here’s Elliot in her school’s Christmas celebration.

Christmas is coming.

In one weekend, the Christmas season kicked off: Santa riding on his vintage firetruck, crafts and treats at the Community Center, Night Before Christmas ballet recital, tree hunting, tree dressing and cookie decorating.

the lineup


It’s pretty common for us to find a long line of Elliot’s toys around the house–a passtime she inherits from her Meema (who was known to do the same thing as a little girl.)

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